Dr. Malini Mandhata Dutta

Dr. Malini Dutta

Dr. Malini Mandhata Dutta

Principal, Rise PU Jayanagar

Dr. Malini Mandhata Dutta, has been an astute academician last 2 decades. A PhD in Political Science, she has served as Professor at Calcutta University, Political Science teacher at Delhi Public School, Academic Head at Cambridge International School, CBSE Head Examiner, Senior Academic Advisor to leading ED-Tech Organization. She has been the Principal at Brooklyn National Pubic School, a leading institute at Bangalore. She also heads as Director, Ignite Brainery International. She has been an NEP Advisor, Subject Matter Expert at CBSE and various Educational Institutes and Organizations. She is the recipient of “Gem of India”, CBSE Sahodaya Academic Excellence Award, International and National Awarded for Teaching, Bharatjyoti Guru Samman Award 2021.

An author with various publication and research papers, she is also a mentor and trainer with various forums and has represented at International forums.


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