Dr. Shalet D’Sa

Dr. Shalet D'Sa

Dr. Shalet D'Sa

Principal, Rise PU Vijayanagar

Dr. Shalet D’Sa, who has completed her MA in English and Kannada, M.Ed, M.Phil and a PhD in Education and NET joined Brooklyn National Public School Vijayanagar in the year 2014 as the Principal. She has been part of the affiliation work(ICSE, CBSE, NOC – State Govt.) and a teacher trainer (subject expert) to CBSE, ICSE and State syllabus schools. She worked at National Public School Rajajinagar for 10 years. She was recognized as the BestPrincipal at the national level by the Indian Talent Group for the year 2018-19. She was identified as the Inspiring Resource Person for the year 2015-16 by DD Chandana. She published a grammar book in association with Saraswathi Publications India Pvt. Ltd. (Vyakarana Darpanam) for ICSE, CBSE and State levels. Apart from her academic qualifications and experience, she has also been active in theatre (trained artist from Ninaasam) and has won many awards.


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