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AMC as an Educational Group has been known for bridging the brightest minds, academia and industries to nurture India’s future thought leaders.
Through RISE, we continually aim to create the best educational experience for our pre-university students. We understand that pre-university is a stage in life where the students would have just stepped out of their schools (their comfort place). An empathetic approach towards grooming them for a new environment and higher education is what sets RISE PU apart.  
Our innovative learning methodologies help acquire interpersonal skills that are crucial to defining career objectives.


We believe in continuous student engagement through a carefully designed curriculum. We consciously monitor student satisfaction and the quality of student experience and persistently keep raising the bar.
To stay in tune with the demanding times, we have well-adapted mechanisms to efficiently execute offline as well as online classes. Our virtual learning environment encourages and delivers elevated levels of student engagement to make up for the loss of physical engagement and enhance the overall experience.
The verdant campus tags with it the finest of sports, recreational facilities, clubs, theatre groups, volunteer opportunities and more, to add to the joy of learning.

The social life on the campus buzzes with energetic, enthusiastic minds who are in the constant pursuit of exploration.

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